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Tuesday, 15 September 2015 | 02:48 | 0 BlackWhite

Hellu guys! I 've no time to update this blog.You now what, i'm very busy right now.Yaa sometimes, but not always. This year saya akan menduduki spm. Wuu spm haha dah besar rupanya aku.Well, this thursday last paper for trial. Haha cuba teka senang ke susah. Susah doe jangan tanya. Sebab apa susah? Sebab aku tak faham dan kurang study. Asal aku baca buku je mengantuk. Asal mengantuk je baca buku.

Dalam kesibukan aku dalam dunia peperiksaan (cewah acah), i'm still watching my favourite story on tv or my pretty cool lappy huhu (*nak lappy baru!!*). Fyi, i'm such a kpopers right now hehe areyou shocked? Haha i'm addicted since i was watching running man, and from that. I'm curious about themand the guest so i explored them hehe. But im still newbie, i dont really know  and remember their name and so on. But i'm happy, i like korean song more than malay song. Almost 85% in my hp, all of that korean song huhu. But aku taklaa fanatic sangat doe, aku masih orang melayu haha.

Alright, here i want to (payung) my current fav song hehe

Okay i think its just enought for today. I dunno what else to tell u guys. And the important things is, please doakan saya for my spm. Semoga saya dapat keputusan yang cemerlang (usaha tangga kejayaan, tapi kalau takde tangga, eskelator pun boleh hm tapi eskelator bahaya laa skrg haha) sorry im just joking and please laugh for my jokes hm im begging you huhu. Okay-okay before im going more melalut, lets end up here. Bye-bye car one car one.

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